While considering your cultural context, I specialize in helping people learn to:

  • Increase self-esteem, trust, and compassion
  • Conquer limiting beliefs
  • Create more life balance
  • Implement more effective coping skills
  • Improve relationship skills
  • Prioritize needs
  • Tap into inner strength
  • Live authentically

I help people who experience:

  • Life transitions and new life chapters (e.g., motherhood, career changes, college, divorce/break up, death or illness of a loved one)
  • Low mood or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress, feelings of being overwhelmed or out of balance
  • Academic and career difficulties
  • Dissatisfaction in peer, professional/educational, family or romantic relationships
  • Identity Concerns (e.g., minority, bicultural, LGBTQ)