Counseling is an investment in your health and well-being. It allows you to hear new perspectives, identify personal patterns, increase self-compassion and self-confidence, raise awareness, and utilize positive coping skills. The frequency with which you attend sessions depends on many factors, but typically people start out with weekly therapy sessions. We will work on developing short term and longer-term goals together and check in about progress regularly. As you gain confidence in yourself and implement principles learned in therapy, we’ll begin to taper off sessions. 


Individual counseling allows you to explore and gain insights about your life that can help you reduce negative feelings and improve your well-being. Together, we will create a safe and collaborative connection where you feel supported. Using your goals as a guide, we will explore emotions, thoughts and behaviors to identify strengths and barriers you are facing. This allows us to create a plan to assist you in facilitating change.


I am passionate and excited about the benefits of group therapy and believe it can be a great resource for support and growth. If your primary difficulties or concerns are related to relationship issues, an interpersonal process group may be a great fit for you. Please contact me for more information on group offerings including support groups for women of color and consultation groups for mental health professionals.


I have extensive training and experience in multicultural issues and am happy to offer trainings, workshops and consultation in this area. I love sharing knowledge and facilitating diversity dialogues in educational and professional settings. Please call or email me to discuss your specific needs and fees.